Get 50% back (yes, FIFTY) on your next order from Stealth Auto.

This is it! The “50% Back” special is here!

Go to the Stealth Auto site and buy something quick. Check out OUR WEBSITE now to beat the rush!

How to get 50% back on your next order:

  1. Order your parts or parts on OUR WEBSITE
  2. **You MUST enter coupon code 50BB when you checkout** (This notifies us that you want to do the “50% Back Promotion”
  3. Make a video of the installation LIKE THIS for each part you want credit for (be sure to thank Stealth Auto in your video!)
  4. Post it on your YouTube page and send us a link
  5. Write down what you did as a small install guide and send it to us

Once we receive this, we’ll send you a gift certificate for 50% of the total price of the parts you installed. You can then use this gift certificate to save MASSIVE amounts of cash on your next order! 

Confused? It’s acutually not that bad.. check it out. It means your next order could look like this:

Jessie bought some H&R Springs, an AFE Intake, and some blackout grills for his BMW.

His total? $794.95.

But since he sent a video and quick write-up of the installation, he got some money back. What kind of money? LOTS! Check out the image below:

Save 50% Off













Because he made a video and install guide for each part Jesse got 50% of his entire order price back. And now he has a coupon good for $397.48!

You can get the same kind of deal, no matter what you spend (though we are capping it at $5K). Make us a simple video and quick write-up for each part and we’ll give you a gift certificate for 50% of the total price of the parts you installed.
WHY ARE WE DOING THIS: Because although we love making install guides, we have limited time and resources, and we figure that with your help we can create a massive library of great installation guides very quickly.
IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTE: Since we can’t run this type of deal forever, we’re only offering this deal for a short time. Actually, it’s SO good that our lawyer made us include this legal statement explaing that we can cancel it at any time. Don’t worry… if you have already paid for your order when/if we stop the promotion, we won’t (and can’t) decide to not issue your gift certificate. IF YOU GET YOUR ORDER IN QUICK YOU WILL MAKE OUT LIKE A BANDIT ON THIS ONE.

As I said… we can’t run this forever. We can’t go around giving away our stuff for 50% off all the time.

Go shopping now, get that cart filled up HERE and make your purchase to get started!