Don’t Know Which BMW Headlight Replacement To Choose?

If you are going to do your own BMW headlight replacement, you will first need to know the type of headlights you have. Factory made cars have halogen lights, or D2S Xenon that is also called HID. You can call your dealer to find out if you have halogen lights or HID. After knowing what headlight you have, your next step is to choose what type of BMW headlight replacement you want to do with your vehicle.

If you have D2S Xenon or HID, your natural option or the only option you have is to replace your old one with D2S housing since if you are going to call your factory dealer they will also give you with HID. You will mostly find D2S housing in your car so your general choice is to replace it with the same kind.

If you have halogen lights from the factory, you may find some of your choices confusing since you have an option on the type of BMW headlight replacement you want with your car. You can change it with the same halogen equipped housing just like the one you got from the factory. You can have the option of having it with angel eyes or upgrade it with LED’s and it will be just like the ones you will find in the factory.

You also have the option of upgrading your halogen low beam housing with a universal HID kit that can fit to any model number. You will be able to get your halogen equipped housing, but you will also be able to put a universal HID kit that will allow you to get better lighting output than what you will just normally get from just having halogen headlights.

However, if you totally want to get all the benefits from your BMW headlight replacement, your next option is to replace your headlights with D2S headlights housing. This is technically a conversion, but once you do this type of replacement, you will feel that your car originally came with that type of headlight. When you purchase your D2S headlight you will also need to get a D2S HID kit. This will contain bulbs, wirings and connectors, and ballast that are different from the universal HID kit. And once you have this installed in your car, your vehicle will have the same quality of light output that you mostly see with cars that got HID.


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