BMW Side Markers – A Simple Modification That You Can Do

With the increasing rate of road accidents, many car makers have focused their attention to the safety features of their cars. Cars are now equipped with various safety features and accessories to enhance the level of protection. However, protection is not the only purpose of these safety devices as many safety features today are also serving as accessories that make cars look good. Like the BMW side markers, they add beauty and protection. They may be small lights on the sides of your car but they complete the safety features of your car. Other than that the protection it gives to the driver and passengers, it can also set your car to a different look. Safety and enhanced look is what most aftermarket and custom lighting bring on the table.

Vehicle lights are available in different forms and some of these lights are already installed to the vehicle before they were released on the market. There are two types of automotive lights: those that light up the road for the driver like headlights, auxiliary lights, fog lights, etc. and  car lights that provide signals to the driver in front or behind like tail lights, turn signal lights, back up lights etc. Other types of car lights are interior lights, warning light, third brake lights, hitch brake light, and side marker lights. The latter mentioned automotive lighting is located on the side of the fender or on the car’s quarter panel.

There are side markers available for BMWs. Though BMW is already a thing of beauty, adding accessories like BMW side markers will bring the best of the elegant car’s sophisticated look.

BMW side markers are available in various color finishes to allow owners find the kind of lights that will complement their style. The most popular BMW clear corner lights as many car enthusiasts like the Euro look. For clear side marker lights, replacing the amber bulb with Stealth Bulbs or chrome bulbs will create a unique result that will complement the overall look of the car. You will love the slick look of clear corner lights with chrome bulbs. As shown on the video on top, replacing the factory orange or amber bulbs in the side markers are easy. Simply pop the old bulbs out and install the new bulbs. You will immediately notice that your side markers look better with Stealth Bulbs.

Upgrading your side marker lights to the Euro style clear ones is a pretty simple automotive lighting modification that will enhance the beauty of your car. Of course don’t forget to replace the amber bulbs with Stealth Bulbs to give your BMW side markers a unique and clean look.


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