Aupeo! App – Personal Radio For BMWs

A few months ago the Aupeo! iPad/iPhone streaming app came  on the scene. This alternative on iOS is getting good reviews and many are recommending. BMW’s desire for new infotainment programs has opened the door for the Aupeo! app to integrate with current BMW and Mini models. It will soon be available within the models. If you are looking for cool BMW accessories, get ready for Aupeo iPhone App.

How does Aupeo! app work?

The Aupeo! app acts like a personal DJ. This Berlin based personal radio iPhone app is comparable to the Pandora internet radio service. The Aupeo! app is capable of recommending the kinds of music you like based on your personal taste. It is a customizable internet service includes a database of nearly one million tracks.

The option for BMW apps offer extensive, application based Apple iPhone integration into current BMW models. Various infotainment operations can be integrated consistently into the car by using the iDrive system.

The MINI model uses the MINI Connected App for Apple iPhone integration. The MINI model app offer extensive functionality, supported by third party apps that will enable MINI customers to stay connected continuously for a fun driving experience.

Third Party Help

According to the BMW Product Manager, Andreas Schwarzmeir, BMW is setting its sight for future cooperation with other infotainment developers to be able to provide BMW customers consistent in-car web-based services they are already using.

To make app development move forward in a much quicker way, the BMW regional app centers got help from dedicated software engineers. It helps in shortening the development period and allows them to have wider product range and customization.

The open-platform strategy of BMW provides great advantage in integrating in-car  mobile devices and web-based services. BMW is also open to any other third-party software developers to provide assistance in creating more intelligent in-car apps.

The integration of the first global third party personal radio iPhone app to current BMW and Mini models shows that BMW is moving forward. BMW is dedicated to move into the smart phone app industry. When it comes to integrating phone apps into cars, you can say that they are on top of the market.

In 2004, they were the first to have the idea of integrating the Apple iPod to their cars. And before the iPhone was first released in 2007, BMW has showcased a technology of integrating the phone within its models. That’s how dedicated BMW to moving forward. Ready for the new in-car infotainment system for BMWs? This is definitely one of the cool BMW accessories  for BMWs with Apple apps option.


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