Anyone Not Crazy About BMW E46 Headlights Upgrades?

One of the most common upgrades our BMW gets is when it comes with the BMW headlights. If you are going to upgrade your BMW E46 headlights, there are certain precautions that you will also have to think through. Upgrading your headlights is just normal especially when your headlight has already burned out. The E46 headlights are already xenon lights, which creates improved brightness. When it is time to replace your headlights, you will have the option of choosing different types of high-intensity discharge headlight bulbs or HID and is together with xenon headlights in the 4000K to 5000K HID range.

The 4000K to 5000K HID headlight bulbs refer to the color and brightness of the lights. These headlight bulbs have xenon gas are responsible for providing superior luminosity over the headlights. Another advantage of such bulbs is that they consume less power, but as soon as these bulbs burned out, it is just natural that you replace them. Do not just replace one headlight because both of your headlights are working at the same time. When one burns out, the other headlight will naturally burn out pretty soon.

If your choice is to just replace the bulb and not the entire headlight projector, you will need to start your bulb installation by removing the headlight-connector using the right screwdriver. After unplugging the power connector from the headlight, get rid of the dust and grim your headlight housing accumulated using a towel. Remove the collar of the HID bulb counterclockwise and insert the new headlight bulb of your choice.

Your option for upgrades is also endless. If you want a real change though with your BMW E46 headlights you can change the whole projector and have a black amber look to it. This type of BMW E46 headlights will just be a direct plug and play. For instance, the BMW E46 4D Projector Headlights comes with new light bulbs and harness for installation. These project headlights come in different bulb size.

If you are still not sure on how to put your new BMW E46 headlights you can do a little bit of research for step by step instructions. If you are going to change the entire headlight, you can have a professional install it for you so that you are certain that your headlight will work perfectly. You will just have to find the right place where you will purchase your BMW E46 Headlights and the change for your car will begin.

Want your driving lights upgraded? Click on one of the links below to start your driving lights upgrade. Don’t forget to check out some of the easy upgrade guide. Go ahead start upgrading your driving lights and impress your friends.

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