Updated BMW 3 Series Fog Lights – BMW E36 3 Series DEPO Crystal Fog Lights

BMW E36 Depo Crystal Clear Fog Lights

Are your fog lights old or broken? It is important that your fog lights are always in good condition so you can use them any time you need them, so replace those old and damaged fog lights with a new pair. If you are looking for a cool pair of replacement fog lights for your [...]

Aupeo! App – Personal Radio For BMWs

Aupeo App

A few months ago the Aupeo! iPad/iPhone streaming app came  on the scene. This alternative on iOS is getting good reviews and many are recommending. BMW’s desire for new infotainment programs has opened the door for the Aupeo! app to integrate with current BMW and Mini models. It will soon be available within the models. [...]

Dodge HID Flicker Fix – HID Problem Eliminator For Dodge Cars And Trucks

Dodge Ram with HID

Have you installed an HID kit to your car but the lights are flickering like a strobe light? If you want to install an HID kit to your Dodge car or truck, expect to have HID problem. Many owners of Dodge cars and truck have to deal with this problem when they go HID. If [...]