Take Your BMW To The Next Level In Style With BMW Body Kits

E38 Side Skirts 5es

As a car enthusiast, you are always thinking of ways on how you can make your BMW car more beautiful. And even if you are not enthusiast, but just want to take care of your car, there are so many different types of modifications that you can do with your car. The challenge with these [...]

Don’t Know Which BMW Headlight Replacement To Choose?


If you are going to do your own BMW headlight replacement, you will first need to know the type of headlights you have. Factory made cars have halogen lights, or D2S Xenon that is also called HID. You can call your dealer to find out if you have halogen lights or HID. After knowing what [...]

Want To Have Angel Eyes That Look Like The New Cars? Switch To BMW LED Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes LED

When BMW redesigned their headlights and tail lights a decade ago, they come up with the unique BMW Angel Eye headlights. This original headlight concept, as they called it Corona Rings in the past, is used for daytime running lights. However, these lights are not really bright, especially when you compare it in today’s standard [...]