Anyone Not Crazy About BMW E46 Headlights Upgrades?

99-01 BMW E46 Halo Projector Headlights

One of the most common upgrades our BMW gets is when it comes with the BMW headlights. If you are going to upgrade your BMW E46 headlights, there are certain precautions that you will also have to think through. Upgrading your headlights is just normal especially when your headlight has already burned out. The E46 [...]

Angel Eye FAQ: Everything you need to know about BMW Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes for E46

The manufacturing of the unique angel eyes headlights and tail lights have gone a long way. It all started out with BMW introducing such unique headlights and tail light designs for their BMW 5 series. Fortunately, these designs have become much better over the years. The great changes in BMW angel eyes have progressed not [...]