H&R Street Performance Coilovers BMW E30 3 Series and M3 – Creating Finely Tuned Suspension Setup


High performance cars use high quality coilovers to achieve the best grip on the road, handling and comfort. If you want you have that race car performance to your E30 or M3, what you need to do is to upgrade your BMW suspension set up by installing high quality coilover kit. Installing premium quality coilovers [...]

Updated BMW 3 Series Fog Lights – BMW E36 3 Series DEPO Crystal Fog Lights

BMW E36 Depo Crystal Clear Fog Lights

Are your fog lights old or broken? It is important that your fog lights are always in good condition so you can use them any time you need them, so replace those old and damaged fog lights with a new pair. If you are looking for a cool pair of replacement fog lights for your [...]

Aupeo! App – Personal Radio For BMWs

Aupeo App

A few months ago the Aupeo! iPad/iPhone streaming app came  on the scene. This alternative on iOS is getting good reviews and many are recommending. BMW’s desire for new infotainment programs has opened the door for the Aupeo! app to integrate with current BMW and Mini models. It will soon be available within the models. [...]

Dodge HID Flicker Fix – HID Problem Eliminator For Dodge Cars And Trucks

Dodge Ram with HID

Have you installed an HID kit to your car but the lights are flickering like a strobe light? If you want to install an HID kit to your Dodge car or truck, expect to have HID problem. Many owners of Dodge cars and truck have to deal with this problem when they go HID. If [...]

Optimizing Better Performance with BMW Performance Parts

Performance Parts for BMW

It is not about owning a vehicle, most of the time it is also about performance and how well the owner can make his car stand out from the rest. A lot of car enthusiasts know about this fact that is why whenever they choose their car it is always about optimum performance, style and [...]

BMW Angel Eye Projector Headlights – Get The Best Headlights For Your BMW

BMW Z3 Angel Eye Projector Headlights

If you want the best driving lights for your BMW, then look for the most advanced BMW headlights available in the market. High intensity discharge (HID) automotive lights like the BMW Angel Eye Projector headlights provides the best quality of driving lights for BMWs. These headlights are powered by Xenon lights that provide great driving [...]

Chrome Bulbs – Want To See The Best Quality Of Your Clear Corner Lenses?

Stealth Bulbs

Want to give your car a brand new look? If this is what you want for your car then all you need to do is to modify some parts of your car. One addition that you may consider is installing clear lenses to your car. Change your old looking corner lenses with clear corners. Having [...]

BMW Performance Parts – With Great Power Comes Great Driving Experience

BMW Performance Intake

Does the phrase sound familiar? Perhaps, you remember Spider-Man’s uncle, but not exactly. We are talking about what many drivers want for their car. MORE ENGINE POWER for great driving experience… Are you exploring the potential of your car and looking for ways to improve its performance? Well, even a high performance car needs some [...]

BMW Carbon Fiber Accessories That Can Really Set Off Your Car


Looking for accessories that will set off your car? Today, more and more car owners are considering carbon fiber pieces when it comes to auto exterior upgrade. For car enthusiasts who love black-out theme, there’s a new option now. Carbon fiber is the new black. Adding BMW carbon fiber accessories will change the way you look [...]

Easy Guide To Buying BMW Tail Lights

1999-2003 BMW E46 3 Series 2 Door Red/Clear Tail light

Every part of your BMW is important and if you are considering on making your car to look even more gorgeous, then it is just natural to make each part special. And it is not just the front of your car that should be given attention. Even the back of your car deserves as much [...]