Love Your Parts Or Get Your Money Back…ALL Of It

Love Your Parts Or Get Your Money Back…ALL Of It

Here at Stealth Auto, we’re crazy. You’ll agree once you see this video of our new offer. We’re pretty much going to pay you to send your stuff back if you don’t love it.

Yeah, like I said, we’re crazy.

Crazy Money

Ordering online is great because you get much better deals than you would in most of your local shops. The downside of online ordering is that once you get the part, it may not work for you. It may fit or look different than you imagined it would. It might be black like your car, but now that it’s in front of you, you may want to stand out a little more with a different color. But in most cases, you’re stuck.

Your only choices with the other guys are:

  • Install it and pretend to be happy
  • Hawk it on ebay and get only a portion of your money back
  • Return it and lose the money for shipping both ways and probably be charged a restocking fee

Well not here at Stealth Auto!

No sir. We don’t believe in that nonsense. We believe you should order a part and be in love with it. I’m talking head over heels here. If you aren’t, we believe you shouldn’t be out any money, including shipping or other fees. That’s why when you order a part from us, you’ll be happy with it or you’ll get your money back. ALL of your money back. Every dollar. Every dime. And yes, every penny.

Watch this video as head honcho Todd and his super hero sidekick Tommy fill you in on all the amazing details of the “Best Offer You’ll Ever See” when it comes to auto parts. Or any parts, really. Does anyone else have this kind of offer? I doubt it.