Looking For Answers To Your Front Plate Driving Worries?

HATE TO SEE BUMPER HOLES??? In some states, car owners are required to display their front license plate. This is something that some car owners hate, not because they do not want to display their front license plate, but the idea of drilling holes into the beautiful bumper of their car.  If you do not want to see your nice BMW bumpers drilled with holes, here is the solution to your problem… BMW No Holes License Plate Holder & Remote Powered License Plate Holder.

Now you can keep BMW street legal and have that front license plate displayed without drilling any holes in your beautiful BMW bumper. You will use the front tow hook mounting point to install the BMW no holes license plate bracket.

Installing BMW No Holes License Plate Holder is quick and easy. When you purchase the NO Holes LPB Kit, it includes all the things you need to put it together. To install, you will need a screw driver and wrench. Here’s how:

Step One: Simply remove the tow hook access cover from the front tow hook mounting port. Gently pull the plastic cap to remove it from your bumper.

Step two: Insert the tow hook adapter bolt into the tow point and use an adjustable wrench and socket to tighten it.

Step three: Install the bracket until it is secure and you can screw in the plate. It’s that simple.

You can easily do this because the BMW No Hole License Plate Holder comes with an instruction booklet.

When it comes to concealing your license plate from cameras, you might want to consider having a remote powered license plate holder. Installing BWM remote powered license plate holder will allow you to switch between displayed license plate and one that is concealed.

The BMW remote powered license plate holder will help you hide your license plate and beat the cameras on the streets to avoid traffic tickets and fines. Not only that, you are also protected from cops looking for suspicious car set ups. The license plate flips down and slide under the bumper and that’s it the license plate is out of sight. To display, the license plate slides out and flips upwards.

Installing this well-designed device is easy. Use screws to install the bracket mounts under the bumper. This may require you to drill two small holes for the installation.

No doubt, BMW No Holes License Plate Holder & Remote Powered License Plate Holder is the answer to your front plate driving worries.


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