BMW Strut Braces: More than Just an Eye Candy

Looking for a good addition to your Bimmer? Consider adding strut braces to your car. Some cars have strut braces when they come out of the factory, but this is generally an aftermarket addition to a car. For many BMW enthusiasts, installing BMW strut braces is a great addition.

What Are Strut Braces?

A strut brace is an aftermarket product designed to enhance the performance of your car. The set includes a strut bar and strut towers. The strut bar is bolted on the strut towers, and installed across the engine bay or on the trunk in the case of rear-engine cars. Installing one on your BMW will improve road-feel. But that’s not all the benefits you can get when you install genuine BMW performance strut braces on your BMW.

Why Do You Need To Install Strut Braces? 

Your car is under stress during the hardest cornering, and this causes the chassis to flex. Having strut braces installed in your car will provide extra rigidity. If your BMW is experiencing a lot of chassis flex when cornering, adding BMW strut braces can reduce or eliminate that, and set a firmer and more responsive chassis and suspension.

Aside from adding rigidity and reduced chassis flex, another factor that makes strut braces a good addition to your BMW is its great effect on the steering response. Installing BMW strut braces to your car will sharpen up steering response, making steering more precise during cornering. They also keep the tires precisely on the road and deliver the right grip when you need it most.

Though the addition of strut braces is mainly a performance enhancement, it could also be an eye candy. Installing BMW strut braces will make your car look more tuned and modified.  Strut braces are available in polished or chrome finished that surely adds life to a dull engine bay. You can also find BMW carbon fiber strut braces that will add a stunning and cutting-edge design under the hood. There are also painted or powder-coated BMW strut braces if you want to match them to the exterior color of your BMW.

Like any suspension upgrade, strut braces improve the handling and driving performance of your BMW. Driving becomes more comfortable and a lot easier when you add BMW strut braces to your car. So whether you are looking to strengthen the front end of your car or just want something that is visually attractive under the hood, adding BMW strut brace is a good move.



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