BMW Strut Braces – Does Your BMW Need Strut Braces?

How can a strut brace is a big deal of advance technology when you look at it all you see is a piece of metal?  Some people think that these metal braces are nothing more than style and added expense. Let’s take a look how BMW strut braces can benefit your car.

Some people say that strut braces or bars are only designed for track cars or racing automobiles, but they can be also a great addition to street driven cars. Does your BMW need a strut brace? If you want some added strengthening in the front of your BMW, then a front strut brace would do the trick.

How Do Strut Braces Work?

The purpose of strut braces is intended on reducing chassis flex in the front strut towers to give the driver better road-feel and improved cornering response. In addition, the stylish look of strut braces adds beauty under the hood.

The chassis of your car flex when cornering or driving over uneven road surface.  Under these driving conditions, the front strut towers get a lot of pressure, which causes the chassis to flex. The way to reduce chassis flex is by strengthening the strut towers with a brace. This will also allow the suspension points to remain in good form, and maintain the suspension’s good performance.

BMW strut braces protect the stock strut towers from mushrooming. This happens when the car hits large bumps or potholes, which in effect compressing the suspension completely and cause damage to the rim. The damaging effect does not stop there, the shock towers may also take a hit. Over time, if not fixed, this may lead to costly sheet metal repair.

To maximize the benefits of BMW strut tower braces, you should look for high quality strut braces to ensure that they are made from high quality materials and provide sufficient protection and prevent mushrooming of the strut tower top. Make sure that the center bar has no bends and kinks because straighter makes it more solid. Also, consider strut braces with good underhood clearance to prevent dimple the engine hood.

In case you are considering future suspension change, choose adjustable strut braces without pivots or heim-style joints. Knowing what to look for in a strut brace will help you find the best BWM strut braces for your car.

Understanding the benefits of having your BMW installed with strut braces will help you appreciate their ability to strengthen the front of your car. Are you are still wondering how this piece of metal benefits your car? Your car will surely benefit from installing high quality strut braces. BMW strut braces are available for any BMW models.


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