BMW Short Shift Kit: Improving That Shifter Feel With BWM Short Shifter

Are you unhappy with your car’s sloppy and unresponsive shift stick? You may feel this way when your original BMW shifter feels mushy, sloppy and lacking precision. If you are feeling this way, then you should know more about BMW short shifter and how it can change your driving experience. Raising that shifter feel to a more desirable level is an excellent modification you can do for your car.

One of the popular additions to BMWs is the short shift kit. It is also one of the best-value enhancements you can add to your car.  Since BMWs are not known for having short shifters, modifying your existing stick shift with BMW short shifter is an excellent move to make driving more satisfying for you.

The kit is also known as short throw shifter and it shortens the length of throw on the shifter, and in effect making shifting of gears faster. BMW short shifter will allow you faster changing of gears at any speed and thus increasing the performance of your car. High quality short shifters are completely different than anything else out there.

Replacing your stick shift with one that shortens the shift throw will give you a direct and better shift feel. The enhanced design of performance short shifter enables the driver to gain good control over the engine and feel the experience of race car handling. Your BMW will shift into higher performance with performance BMW short shifter. Aside from the positive factors of shifting to BMW short shifter, the price is another thing that makes this product a favorite. If you are looking for a popular interior upgrade that will not cost you a lot, then replace your stick shift with stylish BMW short shifter.

Looking for BMW short shifter for your car? There are many aftermarket options on the market. BMW short shift kit is available in many types and designs. There is a great selection of BMW short shifter in the market.

Tired of the sloppy and long throws of your stock shift stick? Then it is time to upgrade it to high quality BMW short shifter. With great amount of research and development, short shifters are designed to outperform stock shift sticks in many ways. Shifting to high quality short shifter is definitely a wise move you can do. So if you are not satisfied with your original shifter, replace it with BMW short shifter. Enjoy the motorsport feel at a reasonable price.


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