BMW Shift Knobs: It’s More Fun To Drive With Stylish Shift Knobs


Feel like spending some money on your car’s interior upgrade? If that’s what you’re feeling right now, then you may want to consider choosing one of the many stylish BMW shift knobs.

Every time you roll out you always get your hands on the steering wheel and shift knob. Why not upgrade them up a bit for improve look and feel? Some drivers find the stock shift knob quite dull and flat. This would be a great upgrade for your car, especially when your shift knob is totally worn off and nowhere in its high quality because of age. So upgrading your old BMW shift knob is really worthwhile.

Upgrading your BMW shift knob is one of the most popular and affordable way to make an interior upgrade. You can find all kinds of BMW shift knobs and many other upgrade options to consider.

You can bring that interior to life and make it look exciting with stylish BMW shift knobs. You will love the new look that non OEM BMW shift knobs can bring to your interior. Perhaps the best part of this upgrade is that you can achieve this without spending a lot of money.

Installing the shift knob will only takes about a few minutes, and the set includes all the things you need complete the upgrade. When you replace the shift knob, you may opt to replace the leather shift boot as well. You can find good replacement leather shift boot for the handle.

You want it to match with your interior? You may replace the steering wheel and shift knob together with matching steering wheel and shift knob that will complement the entire look and feel of your interior. Some manufacturers designed matching steering wheel and shift knob to give people styling options. With many options on BMW shift knobs, you can find the right one that will look exactly the way you want it.

Do you want it be unique? You may go for customized BMW shift knobs for that ultimate finished look or that exciting LED BMW shift knobs that lights up your handle. Love carbon fiber? You can also find BMW carbon fiber shift knobs. You surely have many options to enhance your shifter knob. These new shift knobs will surely make driving real fun for you.

Whatever you choose, these stylish BMW shift knobs will give you the look and feel that you really want to see in your interior. You will enjoy the feeling of a new shift knob as you slam through the gears.


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