BMW Lightweight Batteries – Racing Battery For Your Sporty BMW

BMW Lightweight Batteries

Lightweight Batteries

Love to go lightweight?  Many BMW enthusiasts modify their car to create that race car look. They replace some parts of their car to lose weight and improve the performance of their car. They use carbon fiber components such as hood and trunk to lessen the weight of their car and give more power and speed. If your BMW has a lot of carbon fiber parts, your car will be perfectly balance if you replace your lead-acid battery with lightweight battery. BMW lightweight batteries will definitely fit your ultimate car.

If you are considering getting a lightweight battery in the future, perhaps you are thinking if lightweight battery is safe?

Does it really work? Lightweight batteries have been used and tested in various cars without any problems. BMW lightweight batteries are capable of giving your machine the power it needs while proving weight loss. The weight of your stock battery is about 32 lbs, and BMW lightweight batteries have a weight of about 21 lbs, so there’s obviously some weight to be saved with lightweight batteries.

BMW Lightweight Batteries

Because lightweight batteries are built smaller than the ordinary battery, you may be concerned with cold cranking amps (ACC) as your car will experience zero temperature in wintertime. Well, there is nothing to worry about this area because BMW lightweight batteries are tough daily driver batteries in both warm and cold weather. BMW lightweight batteries are designed with calcium full frame power path grid to give you more cranking power. They may be lightweight, but they are packed with power enough to run your car in any condition.

High quality BMW lightweight batteries may cost a bit more than your lead-acid battery, but one good thing about lightweight batteries is that they last longer than lead –acid’s. BMW lightweight batteries are durable. With high-density oxide, BMW lightweight batteries provide you real deep-cycling power that will help it last for a long time. In tough automotive environment, cracking and degradation are common effects to many lightweight batteries, but high quality BMW lightweight batteries are designed for heavy work to resist cracking and deterioration.  In many cases, lead-acid’s need changing every three years while BWM lightweight batteries can be in good service for about ten years.

So if your BMW is gutted out, then a lightweight battery would be a great addition to your car. Lose your car some weight and gain more power and speed with BMW lightweight batteries.


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