BMW Fog Light Covers: Stylish Protection To Your Fog Lights

One of the important features of your car is the pair of lights fixed below the headlights. Fog lights support the headlight to give you better visibility of the road in foggy or rainy days. It is important that all the lights of your car are working to avoid mishaps. Otherwise, it is better to stay indoor than drive with a broken fog light. Can you imagine driving your car in a rainy or foggy day without fog lights? If you see one of your BMW fog lights is broken… time to look for a replacement. Other than the replacement fog lights, it is also a good idea to add BMW fog light covers.

Why Get Fog Light Covers?

Fog lights are prone to damage because they are positioned close to the ground. Small pieces of rocks can cause damage to these lights while your car is running on the road. You don’t want to buy a new replacement so soon and therefore you need BMW fog light covers to protect these lights from damaging bits of rocks on the road. One way to keep your fog lights in good form is to fit them with fog light covers.

You can find pre-cut protective film fog light covers to keep your fog lights in good condition. They are designed to fit on your stock fog lights. No matter what BMW model you have, you can find the right fit for your factory BMW fog light lens. The protective film fog light covers are less noticeable because they are not thick. Though thin, they are just as durable as the thicker shields. They will not dry, harden or lose color.

Protective film BMW fog light covers are easy to install because they have handling tabs for easy do-it-yourself application. The peel-and-stick installation can be done in just a matter of minutes.

You can also choose from different film colors. The films are available in clear, tint, gunsmoke, optic blue and yellow. Want it invisible? Go for clear protective fog light covers. Want to add style? Go for color protective fog light covers. Whatever color you choose, they sure add protection and style to your BMW fog light lens.

Don’t let your fog lights exposed to damaging road debris. These lights are important, especially during foggy or rainy days so keep your BMW fog lights in good form and have them protected with BMW fog light covers. They are great accessories for your elegant car.


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