BMW Camber Plates – Street And Track Camber Plates For Your BMW

What is a camber plate? It is a mechanical steel plate with slotted adjustment holes for negative and positive angle setting of the tires. Adjusting the tire angle will greatly affect the suspension and handling quality of the car. Camber plates are designed for any type of cars with Mcpherson or coilover shocks. Looking to buy BMW camber plates? If you are considering a front wheel adjustable BMW camber plates to your car, then you should understand what camber plates are and how they work.

Why Need Camber Angle Adjustment?

Tires have positive camber angle when they lean outward away from engine and tires have negative camber angle when they lean inward in the direction of the engine. The tires do not wear evenly when they lean too much on either side. When the thread of your tire wears on the inside that means the negative camber angle is too much. On the other hand, when the thread of the tire wears on the outside that means the positive angle is too much. The camber plate enables you to adjust the angle. Camber adjustment is usually done on the front wheels, but there are cars that have camber adjustment for the rear wheels.

Want to install BMW camber plates to your car?

You should know the type of camber plates you want for your car as there different types of aftermarket BMW camber plates available on the market.

Want a set of camber plates for your high performance car? Some camber plates designed for track use. If you have an M car, then this will be a great addition. Increasing your M car’s negative camber will help reduce understeer and benefit track used tires. For all BMW Car Club America classes and many Sports Car Club of America classes, installing fixed mount camber plates is legal.

There are also camber plates for semi-race and daily driven cars. These types of camber plates adjust easily because they do not need jacking or disassembly.  BMW camber plates stage 1 and 2 kits are perfect for commuter use and driving schools.

If you are looking for camber plates that can do it all, get the high quality BMW camber plates for your car. Find the best brands that offer high quality camber plates. Installation should be easy as the product comes with installation manual. If you find yourself in a bind when installing the camber plates, you can search the web for installation instruction.


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