Instant Car Widener? For less than $30?!

Instant Car Widener?

For less than 30 bucks? You’ve got to be kidding me!

(Read below for PROOF that this is true.)

Do you have clear lenses? Do you have yellow turn signal bulbs? If you removed the yellow bulbs would your car appear wider?

Would a totally clear lens look cooler and be easier on the eyes?  *Ask perceptual psychologists and they will all tell you that if you put two colored dots on a continuous line the mind will automatically think the line is not as long as it actually is. Try it. Look at the lines below and imagine two yellow dots about an inch from each end. Then draw another line the same length and leave the dots off. Which line looks longer? Which line looks cleaner? Which line looks better?

*This is exactly what happens when you look at a car with yellow turn signals. The yellow bulbs make the car appear narrower than it actually is.

*So how do you cure this problem? Simple. Just replace the yellow lights with Stealth Bulbs. They are invisible when off and blink a bright amber when in use. They not only look cool, they’re legal.

*For under $30 you’ve just widened your car. Problem solved and your ride looks great.

Why should I buy Stealth Bulbs and not cheaper knock offs?

Two very important reasons:

*1. Uniform micron coating by a U.S. based NASA contractor. If the coating isn’t precisely even the bulbs will overheat and burst. Ask around and you will find that many people have had this problem with the Chinese knock offs.

*2. Long life bulbs with a life time guarantee. Any problem, any time, and we will send you a new pair. No questions asked.

*Check out this video to get more detailed info and see a demo on how easy they are to install.

Want to get a set? Click HERE or clicking on the image below:

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