BMW Wheel FAQ: What wheels should I get for my car?

BMW Wheel FAQ: Commonly Asked Questions About BMW Wheels


DPE BMW Wheels

DPE BMW Wheels

What BMW wheels will fit my car?

You can take a look at our BMW Wheel Bolt Pattern & Offset Guide and see what bolt pattern your vehicle requires. You can typically fit a variety of wheels on each car, and it’s up to you what style and finish you personally like.

Will they make my BMW look like new again?

Replacing the stock BMW wheels with new wheels is a simply easy way to transform the look of your car. Typically some models come with factory steel wheels, cast rims, or hub caps and it makes the car look cheap, and dated. You can give the car a elegant and stylish look simply by simply replacing the wheels. There are thousands of wheel options you can choose from, we can customize the wheels, add personal touches like custom paint, pin striping, powder coating, and plating. You can easily make older models look new again with a new set of aftermarket wheels for your BMW whether its a E30, E36, E46, E39, E53, E60, E65, or a E71.


What should I pay attention to when purchasing BMW Accessories or a BMW Wheels?

We always recommend that you look into the quality of the items you’re purchasing, in the case of wheels, buying the cheapest ones you find might not always be the best solution. Cheap wheels often are made with inferior materials and can actually break apart while on the vehicle during normal use, we have seen this in person. Typically higher quality wheels will bend and absorb the impact, allowing you to safely slow down the vehicle and stop, we have seen cases where poor quality wheels have broken apart while the car was on the road causing the vehicle to lose control. Some things are not worth saving a few pennies on, and in general better quality wheels will fit the vehicle better, without unnecessary, adapters, spacers, or rings. Better quality wheels are typically made with higher standards allowing a stronger, higher quality finished product that has less vibrations and will have less imperfections on the wheel itself.


Example of cheap wheels

Example of cheap wheels, these wheels can crack or break apart while in use

Will these void my warranty? (Do they have a warranty?)

Anytime you change out a part like a light it will void the BMW manufacturer’s warranty for that specific part, NOT THE WHOLE VEHICLES WARRANTY. You can’t expect BMW to warranty a part that is not theirs, but the wheels we sell come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty against defects. If you were to reinstall the original wheel back in the car then the warranty would still be intact. **Dealerships often try to intimidate customers by telling them that a small change on their vehicle can void the warranty, by law they cannot void the vehicles entire warranty because of just one item replaced. They have the right to void the warranty of the specific item that has been replaced or modified but not the entire warranty.**

BMW Warranty Information

How hard is it to install these BMW Wheels?

Most wheel installations are fairly straight forward, any competent person with basic tools should be able to remove the original wheels and reinstall the new wheels in its place. Almost all vehicles come with the appropriate tools to change a tire, so you can use those same tools to install your new wheels & tires. Technically you will need a Automotive jack, we also strongly recommend using jack stands, and you will also need a tire wrench, and some wheels have special keys to remove the lug nuts. It’s very simple and can be done fairly quickly, or you can take it down to your local mechanic or tire shop and it can usually be installed for a couple of bucks.

What finishes are available?

Our higher end wheels can be had in any color, size, or offset, they are fully customizable and can be tailored to each vehicle. Think of having a custom suit made, it will fit you like a glove and it makes you look 10x better than something off the shelf that might be loose, or too tight. Then we have our wheels that are more affordable, they tend to be offered in a handful of choices in order to keep prices competitive these companies will choose the most popular finishes, sizes and offsets, and they will generally be made to fit as many applications as possible. These wheels will save you money but you might have to run spacers or refinish them if the color does not exactly meet your tastes. So in other words, if you really want it in a specific color, we can always have it custom painted, coated, plated in any color you choose, it will take a few weeks and a few more dollars to complete the look, but anything’s possible.


Will these wheels give off any error codes or computer malfunctions?

Some newer vehicles are equipped with Tire Pressure Sensors or TPS, these sensors are installed on the rim itself and cannot be seen from the outside, they are a little electronic device that monitors each tires air pressure independently and will send a message to the vehicles computer if any one of the wheels air pressure drops below a certain point.  These sensors can either be transferred from your original wheels to the new wheels, or you can purchase a new set of sensors and have them programmed at the dealer.  That way you can have two sets of wheels with sensors so you can switch from one to another without losing that feature on your vehicle, typically customers who have a winter and summer tire setup use this method.   Lastly it’s also possible to deactivate the system if you do not want to deal with the added cost of installing the sensors on your new wheels. As long as the Tire pressure sensors are correctly dealt with there should be no reason for your vehicle to give off any error codes or failure notices on the dash due to a tire change.


Do they come with directions?

The installation of the wheels onto the car is fairly easy, but most people need to go to a professional shop in order to mount and balance the tires on the new wheels. It’s usually a good idea to have the same shop install the wheels onto the car at that time, that way you can save yourself the labor


How much do they cost?

It depends on the wheels you choose, custom wheels like DPE can start out at $1,000 per wheel, and go up from there. There are also companies like Avant Garde Or TSW that make high quality wheels at a fraction of that cost, so you can get the same wheels that look custom for a much lower price. We will not sell just any wheels on our site so rest assured that even when we have blowout sales and our prices are rock bottom, we will never sacrifice quality for a good price on a set of wheels.  We will not sell a wheel that we would not put on our own cars! .


Can wheels actually improve the performance of my vehicle?

Yes! Wheels can improve the performance of your vehicle, here are a few basic things to consider; weight, construction material, manufacturing process. Rotational mass is the nemesis of performance, the more rotational mass you have on your vehicle the more it will reduce your performance.   For every one pound of rotational mass you can reduce you will remove 10 pounds of static mass   (1lbs of rotational mass = 10lbs of static mass).  Next is the diameter of the wheel, the bigger the wheel the further out your rotational mass is and this will also negatively affect your performance. You lastly have drag to consider, when you install wider wheels the drag coefficient of your car is increased, requiring more power and effort in order to get your vehicle to get going and keep on going down the road.  So technically narrower wheels will help your drag coefficient, now most people tend to go with wide wheels for other performance benefits such as better handling, so it’s really up to you to decide which way you want to go.

So there you have it!

If your interested in wheels give us a call and we will set you up with what you need.

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