BMW Replacement Headlight FAQ- What headlights fit my car?

Watch the BMW Headlight Video below to see what options you have when upgrading your BMW headlights and how you can save over 50% off the price you would pay at the dealer when you buy aftermarket headlights.

What headlights fit my car?

If you’ve ever wondered “what kind of BMW headlights fit my vehicle”, or “what parts fit my BMW” you can watch our video and hopefully it will clarify what you need to get.  We have a huge selection of BMW headlights available, so it can be confusing when you’re looking at all the different options. In addition to the headlights we carry a full line of hid / xenon products, everything from factory replacement bulbs to aftermarket kits we have it all covered.

BMW E46 Depo Headlights w/ LED Angel Eyes



We made a quick video to show you guys what headlights you would need for your car.  We get tons of emails and calls asking what headlights are needed for a specific application so we wanted to make a video to clear things up.


BMW M3 Depo Headlights W LED Corners & Angel Eyes

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Summary of this video:

How to figure out what option package your BMW came with.

  • Standard Halogen
  • Factory Xenon/ HID

Which headlight option is best for you and what can you upgrade to.

How much will new headlights for your BMW cost you.

  • Our lights range from $250-$1,100 Dollars

What is a HID/Xenon kit?  Which kit will fit my car?


BMW E90 3 Series Depo Headlight