Stealth Auto “Car Girl” Casting Begins!

At Stealth Auto, we’re “car guys” to the core.

We love cars. As with most “car guys” we also love car girls. We were discussing this the other day at Stealth headquarters and decided that it is time that we get an official Stealth Auto “Car Girl”.

Pamela Anderson - The Perfect Car Girl?

Pamela Anderson - The Perfect Car Girl?

Remember Pamela Anderson on Tool Time? You know, back when she was naturally beautiful and before she got all tainted and jacked up by things like the Tommy Lee video and V.I.P? That might be the type of girl we are looking for. Thoughts?

We are starting casting for this position in November so if you have anyone you think would fit the bill, have them contact us at Stealth Auto.

The question is… what kind of girl should we look for? What kind of “car girl”  would YOU like us to get? We want to know what you think, so let us know in the comments section below.




How to Help Find the Next “Stealth Auto Girl”:

  1. Tell us what type of girl you’d like us to get. Sexy? Funny? Tough? A girl who really knows her stuff when it comes to modding cars, or just a nice looking host for the videos we are already making?
  2. What exactly would you want to see the girls do (be tasteful guys)? Would you want to see them doing installs? Interviewing customers with amazing cars?
  3. Know someone who you think should be the next Stealth Auto Girl? Submit them to us at models [at] stealthauto .com.