The “No Problem” Experience

By Tommy Rezaie

Not to long ago I got a phone call from one of our customers that kind of blew me away. This customer was a first time buyer who purchased a set of grills for this E39 M5 from our website (You can see a link to these grills at the bottom of the page.)

When the grills arrived he installed them on his car but decided he didn’t like the new “look.” He really wanted to try something different. He called us to explain his dilemma. We discussed some other grill alternatives he but he simply said that he will keep looking and was about to hang up. He sounded discouraged.

Before he could hang up I asked him if he would like a refund. He kind of paused and came back with an ”I would love a refund”. He seemed stunned.

He then told me that he has always considered online business as a “black hole” and that once you paid them for something you would never be able to get a refund. He said ”they always try to give you another product or store credit but they’ll never give your money back”.

I informed him that as long as grills are not damaged, re-packaged nicely and in resalable condition that we would be more than happy to process a refund for him. No problem. He sounded very happy and thanked me for the service I had provided (that made my day). About a week later he sent his grills back and we issued him a full refund. Since then he has purchased a few other products from us and has become a friend and valued customer.

At Stealth Auto your satisfaction is guaranteed. Period. Or to explain in a bit more detail:

Not Satisfied With the Look? No Problem.

Not Happy with the Fitment? No Problem.

Want a Full Refund? No Problem.

The whole point I am trying to make is that this is by no means an isolated incident. If I see that my customers are not happy with an item I will do all that is in my power to make things right. The same goes for my staff. We all share the same goals and values. We want you to have a pleasant “no problem” experience: 100% satisfaction before and after the sale.

All the best,



Stealth Auto

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